Khabib Threatens To Quit The UFC!

UFC 229 is over but the controversy surrounding the brawl at the end of the fight certainly is not. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended both Conor and Khabib for their post fight brawl at UFC 229. This suspension is only temporary. Meaning that both men can only be temporarily suspended for up to 10 days which means the official hearing for both men is on October 24th. October 24th will be the day the Nevada State Athletic Commission hands both these men their punishment. It is being speculated at the time that McGregor will most likely not face a serious suspension but he will most likely be fined for jumping on top of the cage and throwing a punch when the melee started. Khabib on the other hand could be looking at a very lengthy suspension. This could result of him being stripped of his UFC lightweight title, and it could keep Khabib out of action for a year. McGregor was given his fight purse, but Khabib has still not received any money because of his actions after the fight.

A suspension might be the least of UFC’s worries when it comes to their lightweight champion. Khabib’s teammate Zubaira Tukhugov was one of two men who jumped over the cage and attacked McGregor. After the fight Dana White said Tukhugov will never be allowed to fight in the UFC ever again after his action this past Saturday night. Khabib didn’t take to kindly to this at all. Khabib posted on Instagram yesterday to address the UFC. He talked about how it’s unfair how the UFC didn’t fire any of Conor’s teammates for being involved in the UFC 223 bus attack. Khabib also said that if the UFC decides to fire Zubaira Tukhugov, Khabib will no longer want to be apart of the UFC and he will quit the UFC. Tukhugov was scheduled to fight McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov. This fight has not been officially canceled yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how the UFC handles the whole situation from here.

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