Let Me Blow Up On The Celtics Real Quick

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, one of the most disappointing teams I’ve ever witnessed. This was a team that was an easy favorite to come out of the East now that Lebron was finally gone. I mean how could you not expect them too, they had all the amazing talent from last year’s spectacular run returning, plus Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, two all-stars in their own right. But no, they shit the proverbial bed. Hey, at least this year’s Sox are giving you a run for your money as most disappointing team ever.

There are so many aspects of ths team that piss me off to my core, so let’s try to break down my rant into rational segments;


I have so much to say and yet nothing at all. I fell this guy isn’t even worth my anger because of his utter arrogance. The bottom line is he is a star player, who wants everyone to know/treat him like a star, yet doesn’t want any of the responsibilities of being a star. You know, those little things, like being a leader, not being a douche to evryone you talk to, and to angering your entire fan base every time you open your mouth post-game. I’m going to ignore the entirety of his antics for the regular season, and how he was a cancer to this team, and just focus on this past series against the Bucs. Game 1, we got the Kyrie we were promised. The rare form Kyrie who was going to lead us to the promised land. Games 2-5……*farts*

Following a terrible game Kyrie showed himself in true form. He couldn’t handle people being critical of his game so he had to call them all out instead of shouldering some blame.

“I’m a bASKEtBalL gENiUs”

Well Mr. Basketball Genius please explain to me how it makes sense to get a 6’11” Freak from Greece switched onto you and you try to drive the ball instead of kicking it out to whoever has the mismatch now. Or how about how it makes sense to continually forcing shots instead of getting other guys looks who may not be struggling from the field that night. I can go on for hours about the debacle that was Kyrie, even just in this series, but I think you get the point.


I know you snapped your leg in half but I didn’t realize it took your balls too. This guy played scared the entire year. He had a freaking “confidence coach” as a grown man playing a professional sport. This guy flat out has robbed the Celtics of Millions of dollars. The Celtics were undefeated this year when he scored over 20-points in game. The problem was, he only did it a handful of times. And talk about not being able to handle the pressure of being a team’s star player. This dude literally hurried out of the locker room post-games so he wouldn’t have to handle talking to the media about performances like Game 4 where he can play 27 minutes any yet finish with 2 points. Lsiten if you aren’t that into basketball anymore I get it. after an injury like that i dont think id ever want to play agian. But if you arent really committed to this whole sportball thing, maybe you should just go be the profesional Fortnite player you wnt to be so badly.

Brad Stevens

Listen, I love Brad but not even he is safe from my anger rant right now. Mr.Boy-Wonder…. how many huge runs did we see the Bucks go on that the Celtics had no answer for. That’s not 100% on the coach, but they certianly hold a lot of blame. You have to begin to wonder, is he the guy to get you a championship? He’s a great coach, but he may not be a championship type coach. Right now he’s proven to be the exact type of coach a team like the Kings need.  A guy that can get the most out of young players, help develop them and take you further than you shoud go. Teams like that would love it. They don’t have real champioship aspirations,they just want to make noise. Those guys types of coaches don’t always get over that hump though.

Parting thoughts

Danny, I appluad you for what you did. The team you put together, on paper, was unbelieveable. I was a huge critic then you started to make things happen and this is the team you gave us. It was supposed to be the type of team every fan wants. But on paper doesn’t aways translate to on court, and your gamble didn’t pay off. I think you may have to blow this up a little bit. The Celtics, I don’t know, do they even really deserve to be a Boston team right now?

I’m still angry but this definetly helped. We all need to do a little venting about this team today.

-Dillon Leary


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