Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 90: Torey Krug GONE | Pats-Broncos | Alex Cora Confirmed Back?

It’s episode 90 on the Legends Lingo podcast and we have a fun one for you. There’s some good, there’s some bad, and then there’s just some flat out…well, takes! Anyways, here’s a snapshot of what you’re missing out on.

Topics This Episode

We start out with some sad hockey news. Torey Krug is no longer a Boston Bruin! The former Bruin decided to join the enemy as he signed with the St. Louis Blues. We break down what went wrong, why Krug didn’t want to stay in Boston, and where they go from here. After that, we break down a preview between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos. This should be a really easy win with Cam Newton back under center, right? RIGHT?! That’s what we thought too before the game actually played out. The three of us get into where Denver has talent, how the Patriots can fare against a woeful Denver team, and everything else in between. Finally, we talk Alex Cora back to the Red Sox in existence! We all want Alex Cora back for the most part. So we talk about why it’s almost a slam dunk to happen.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on multiple platforms. iTunes is a great starting place. We’re also on Spotify and on Soundcloud. Don’t forget, we also are on Youtube. Check out the Couch Guy Sports youtube page and you’ll see our faces up there. We also are obviously on the website if you type in “Legends Lingo” in the search bar.


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!

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