Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 88: Celtics and Ron Roenicke OUT, Patriots Beat Raiders

It’s episode 88 of the Legends Lingo podcast and we have a lot of sad things happening. There’s some positive in there too. But for the most part, a lot of negativity going on.

What’s Covered This Week?

We start with Fiesta giving us a breakdown of moves the Bruins could pursue in the off-season. Could Bobby Ryan be on his way to Boston? Taylor Hall? Maybe Chelmsford native Jack Eichel? Fi breaks it all down. After that, we get into the Celtics. Yeah, they’re out of the NBA playoffs! We get into what went wrong, what the future looks like, and who could have played their last games in a Celtics uniform. We finally get into some happy topics as we get into the Patriots. After a tough defeat in Seattle, the Patriots bounced back in a big way against the Las Vegas Raiders. We break down what went right, who went off, and give a preview of the Chiefs game in Arrowhead. Spoiler: two hosts think it’ll be close, the other thinks it’ll be a blowout. We wrap up with some Red Sox. Yeah, remember that team? They fired their manager Ron Roenicke. Who will be the next manager? Does Alex Cora make his return? We get into all of that and more.

Where Can You Find Us?

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