Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 87: Feat. Harrison Sillings from Student Union Sports

This week’s episode of the Legends Lingo podcast is here and ready to be listened to whenever you want! It’s stuck with pretty much the same two teams: the Patriots and the Celtics. But anyways, here’s episode 87 for you.

Our Guest This Week

Our guest with us this week is Harrison Sillings from “Lecture Hall” on Student Union Sports. Harrison is like the little brother we never had. Except we actually love him! Harrison does a ton of work for Student Union Sports. Couch Guy Sports will always have a soft spot for the guys over at Student Union Sports. So it only felt right to get Harrison on. He IS a Red Sox and Bruins fan. But the Bruins are out and the Red Sox…suck. So we got to talk a little Colts and Hornets too!

Topics Covered

We get into the Celtics being down two to one in the Eastern Conference Finals. How do we feel about them? Do they have a chance to come back in the series? We discuss this and much more. After the Celtics, we get into the Patriots heartbreaking week two loss to Seattle. Cam Newton looked great again! The defense…meh, not great! We break down what went wrong and get into a little week three preview against the Las Vegas Raiders. We wrap up with a little MLB tidbit with Fiesta.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us literally anywhere you want. Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud are the way to go honestly. Otherwise, just come on the website to check us out too.


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 87 of the Legends Lingo podcast.

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