A Few Tips for the Celtics to Fix to Turn This Series Around

I mean…you know the story by now. The Celtics find themselves with their backs against the wall at this point. They dropped another difficult game to the Miami Heat Wednesday night 112-109. That loss drops the Celtics to a 3-1 deficit.

There’s a lot of whining and crying. Celtics fans already think the season is over. But here’s the thing, there’s still a game five to think about. With that in mind, I have a few tips for the Celtics to consider to get them back in the series.

CONTAIN Tyler Herro

For the love of everything good, do NOT let Tyler Herro score 37 points in a game again! Don’t get me wrong, Herro is extremely talented. He’s fearless, tough, can beat you on the drive and shoot from the outside. But do us all a favor? Contain Herro for the remaining games. Put Marcus Smart on him and force Herro to earn absolutely everything. Smart has the reputation to lock down anybody. Let’s see that change made in game five.

Figure Out The Zone

It’s no surprise by now. The Boston Celtics are having trouble with defeating the zone. Every high school basketball team knows good ball movement, spacing, and patience will get you a good look. After that, it’s all about execution. But 18 turnovers because you can’t figure out a zone? C’mon now guys. You’re better than that!

Come Out with Urgency

You need to play with some urgency in game five. Come out firing right out of the gate. Don’t leave anything on the floor. If you’re tentative at all, Brad Stevens should be pulling guys out on the spot. This team needs to be locked in because otherwise, the season’s ending tonight.

In Conclusion

The Heat better close out the series tonight. Otherwise, they’re going to be going up against a confident Celtics bunch. Sure, the Heat would still be up 3-2. But the pressure would start to shift to the Heat. Hey, the Nuggets did it to the Clippers. Why can’t the Celtics do it to the Heat? It’s possible. Just have to make it happen. One game at a time at this point. Go Celtics!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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