Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 69: Rants, Rants, and More Rants, Oh My! Feat. Will Hyland

It’s episode 69 (relax everyone!) of the Legends Lingo podcast and we’re back at it with another episode. Sports might be making a comeback…maybe…possibly? Well, we talk about it and more on this week’s episode.

Guest This Week

This week, we had Will Hyland on with us. Will is a friend of Fiesta and the two of them got to reconnect in this episode. For as much as Fiesta and I banter back and forth on this podcast, we still are good friends at the end of the day. To see Fiesta get to connect with his old friend and see how happy he was to do that made me happy as well. Enough of the sentimental stuff though, back to the guest! Will has done a lot of cool things. He’s a sports writer and an author, AND his sports takes were really good. Seriously, check this episode out for Will’s takes.

Topics Covered

We talk about each of the major four sports and how close they are to actually coming back. And BOY do we have rants in this one, baby! Fiesta rants about Tom Brady in a Bucs uniform. Powder rants about the MLB and their owners. I rant about the Call Her Daddy/Barstool drama. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, so sit back and listen to it all!

Where Can You Find Us?

We’re everywhere you can think of honestly. iTunes and Soundcloud are the two we’ve been on since we started. We recently just went onto Spotify as well. You can also just find us on the site. Put in a little effort for us and you’ll find us no problem!


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