Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 56

Episode 56 is out now for you all to listen to and enjoy!

We have another action packed episode for you as well as a new sponsor. Check us out on all platforms and listen to three Boston guys babble on about their opinions on Boston sports.

Guests This Week

No guests on this one with us. We can’t get guests every single week. There will be more guests on in the future. This week, it’s just myself, Powder, and Fiesta running the show. Sometimes, the original crew is better to have on the episode anyway.

Topics Covered

This is a pretty loaded episode. A lot of Red Sox talk takes place with ownership comments on Mookie, Chris Sale’s status, and the signing of Jonathan Lucroy as well. We touch on the Patriots and wonder if Stefon Diggs is a potential fit for New England. There’s also some Bruins trade deadline talk in there as well.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on the Couchguy website. There’s also the option of going on iTunes and Soundcloud. We’re not that hard to find on the internet. So find us and give us a listen.

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