Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 111: Feat. Red Sox Pitcher Zach Bryant

It’s episode 111 of the Legends Lingo podcast and we got you covered with everything going on in the world of Boston sports right now. Free agency hadn’t started yet at the recording of this episode. So let’s deep dive right into it!

Guest for This Week

Our guest for this week is Red Sox pitcher Zach Bryant. Bryant was acquired in a trade from the Chicago Cubs. Sorry folks that it isn’t the Bryant that you were all expecting/hoping for long term! With Zach, we talk about how he was a Red Sox fan growing up, what’s his routine on gamedays, has he talked to Alex Cora yet, and much more! Seriously, this was an awesome interview.

We also had Diego Galvis from the CGS network on with us for his tryout to be an LLP co-host. Diego has taken a bit of a bigger role with CGS since the last time he came on with us. How did Diego do? Tune in to find out.

Topics This Week

Besides the interview, we talk a bit of free agency with the Patriots. What moves did we predict that the Patriots would potentially make? Any surprises? Overall, it was a great time to throw out some hypotheticals for the Patriots!

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us basically anywhere. We’re on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. We’re also now on Youtube on the CGS YouTube channel. Also, check us out right here on this website under the “Legends Lingo” tab. You can find us anywhere with a little bit of research.


As always, we’re sponsored by our friends at Manscaped. Get 20% off and free shipping with the promo code “LLP”. You’re getting money off to buy the best grooming products. Let that sink in for a second!

Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of the Legends Lingo Podcast.

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