Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 105: Red Sox are Making Moves?! Bruins are Scoring Goals?! What’s Going On?!

We’re here with the latest episode of the Legends Lingo podcast and there is a ton to break down here. We’ve got the Red Sox making moves. The Bruins are actually scoring goals now. Jayson Tatum is back with the Celtics and so much more! Did you miss the release of this week’s episode? Let’s get you all caught up.

Topics Covered This Episode

I started to get into it a little bit in the introduction there. But let’s get more in depth with it. The B’s are rolling. They’re winning games and scoring goals. Wins against the Flyers twice AND the Penguins twice? We get into what has changed and how the Bruins can continue this hot streak. Jayson Tatum is back on the floor for the Celtics and the Celtics look like they’ll be okay. We also get into how Jaylen Brown is slowly turning into a rising star in this league. The Red Sox actually made some signings and trades. We get into how they affect the Red Sox, which ones we like, and could another move be in the works? Finally, we preview the Super Bowl and address who the Patriots could get for their QB.

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We’re on iTunes. That’s the first and probably most popular way to find us anywhere you look. We also can be found on Soundcloud. We’re also on Spotify. If you want to see our faces and make fun of them along with our takes, you can find us on the Couch Guy Sports youtube page. And if all else fails, come check us out on this website, under the Legends Lingo tab.

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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 105 of the Legends Lingo podcast.

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