Is JJ Watt Done With The Texans?

The Houston Texans are an absolute dumpster fire at the moment. This franchise went from a playoff contender to the laughing stock of the league in just two seasons. Things turned from good to bad for the Texans the second that they traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals. Deshaun Watson has requested a trade after that horrendous season. Houston needs to shake everything up right now and do a full culture reset after last season’s blunder.

The big move that might need to be made is figuring out what to do with JJ Watt. Watt is 31 years old and will become a free agent after next season. Houston has failed to make any progress with Watt on the team. Is it time for Houston to move on from their franchise defensive end. The answer to that question is yes. Now I understand the struggle of this Texans fans, but enough is enough. This man has done everything for you guys in his illustrious career, and has only three playoff wins to show for it.

The former three time defensive player of the year has an argument for one of if not the best defensive end in the history of football. He still has a lot of football left to be paid, but you need to get him off your books and get something in return for him. With that being said here are three ideal trade partners that I see Houston looking to trade JJ Watt to.


3.) Pittsburgh Steelers

Now here is a scenario that I would love to see happen in the NFL. On one side of the defensive line you have JJ Watt and on the other side you see his brother T.J. Watt. That is an extremely scary duo that would create a lot of issues for opposing teams offensive lines. With these brothers on the same defensive line, Pittsburgh’s defense gets that much scarier. The Steelers struggled down the stretch on defense, and will look to bolster that defensive line anyway they can. I think the Steelers getting JJ Watt will automatically make that defense a legit threat at being the number one ranked defense in the league.

I do see this being a pipe dream spot for Watt; only due to the fact at what Pittsburgh would be able to give up for him. This is one team to keep an eye on due to the connection of being able to play with his brother, but also being able to go to a playoff contender right away is ideal for Watt.


2.) Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers lost in the NFC Championship game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What would be a way to help solidify this team into being a legitimate Super Bowl Contender again next season. Well how about boosting your front seven with one of the best defensive ends in NFL history. Green Bay’s defensive line would get a huge improvement if they could land Watt. Imagine how deadly the Packers would be with that already talented offense, and now you add a top five defensive end of all time on your team as well to your defense. I see this being a match made in heaven for both sides.

For JJ Watt being able to play back in Wisconsin would be extremely exciting for him. Green Bay would love to add to their defense in order to be a big time player in the NFC again. Then for Houston you get Watt off of your books, and now you have a chance at a fresh start. Getting this trade for both sides sees both Watt and Houston happy for the next few years. Watt gets to go to an instant contender, and Houston gets their chance at changing the culture. Look for this to be an ideal spot for Watt to want to go to.


1.) Dallas Cowboys

Now doesn’t this smell like something that the Dallas Cowboys would do. Jerry Jones and company will be looking to make a big splash this off season. This might be the kind of splash that would be essential for the Cowboys success in 2021. Getting JJ Watt on the same front seven as DeMarcus Lawrence, Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch, and Sean Lee would be unbelievable. Dallas will be looking to be back into playoff contention next season, especially with a healthy Dak Prescott, but can you imagine how scary that front seven would be.

I don’t know why, but this seems like the move that I see happening more than anything. Dallas will be looking to bolster that defense and getting a guy like JJ Watt would be a big plus for the Cowboys. Watch out for Jerry Jones, because he will be looking to make this move happen sooner rather than later. Cowboys fans should be excited if this happens. NFC East Champions Dallas Cowboys will be back if they get JJ Watt.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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