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Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 103: B’s Are Back, Celtics Catching COVID and NFL Divisional Round Predictions

We have episode 103 here for the Legends Lingo podcast to help you enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. day! A lot of hockey and basketball in this one with some football and even a little baseball thrown into the mix. Let’s break it all down.

Topics Covered This Episode

In this one, we get into the four major sports a bit. For hockey, the B’s are back and Fiesta fills us in on his excitement! Then we move to the Celtics. This Celtics team didn’t play for a full WEEK because of COVID. I’m not kidding. Seven of the Celtics main players hit the injured list because of COVID related reasons. We get into when the Celtics would get back and how they could look following a small layoff. Then there’s the NFL divisional round. We make our predictions for who will win the games outright after a solid weekend by all three cohosts. Finally, some Red Sox! Will Andrew Benintendi be on the move? We get into what the Red Sox can get for him and whether trading him is the best idea or not.

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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of the Legends Lingo podcast!

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