Law and Order Episode review (S19)

Law and Order SVU often deals with rapes, sexual assault and other victims of different criminal conducts. This episode in season 19 is an interesting one. One deals with a different a kidnapping but has an ethical twist to it. One that tests assistant District Attorney Barba’s character to the brink of a decision that many of us would have trouble making. Law and Order’s 13th episode in the 19th season called “the Undiscovered Country” a mother loses her infant son to his father because of an ongoing issue with custody. The son however is brain dead from the moment he was born and the father wants to kill the son (assisted suicide) but the mother hopes for a miracle (I guess). This couple is planted as polar opposites on the spectrum for the rights of the parents, but what about the son? As I was watching this episode, it made me think of the rights of all three, with every decision (or non-decision) that was made during the episode. I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to make a decision regardless.

I really liked this episode because it was different, with a different sort of outcome. It wasn’t the usual outcome of catching the perpetrator(s). It was an outcome in which tested an ethical decision that has been debated for years.

Hopefully while watching the episode, you can put yourself in the parents shoes with a decision to make regarding the son.

-Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy)

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