Las Vegas Raiders vs Patriots is a Trap Game

Most people you ask will tell you this should be an easy win on Sunday.

The Patriots had a good loss, if you can have one, last Sunday.

Russ made some insane plays and crazy catches were made. In the end, the Patriots were still in position to win.

Keep in mind that is only the second week of that offense. Wow. This team could be good.

However, here is why, despite how good the Patriots have looked, this Raiders game is no gimme.

Is the Secondary Okay?

What happened on Sunday was stunning.

The Patriots secondary was absolutely eviscerated in a way we have not seen in years.

Some incredible plays were made, as I said, but Russ had almost a perfect day.

You cannot give up 5 Tds, with a qb going 21-28 for nearly 300 yards and not have some accountability.

On the flip side, the Raiders can score. The undefeated Raiders have scored 34 points in each of their wins so far.

Josh Jacobs is a menace on the ground, yes, but Carr has been better this year, and is quietly completed nearly 75% of his passes with no picks.

Waller, a soon to be household name, leads the way at tight end and is a monster.

The weapons are not proven for the Raiders, yes. But if Ruggs breaks away and Carr is efficient? Who knows what can happen. The secondary will need to play better.

Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs is a big boy. Averaging 90 yards a game so far, the 220 pounder can run over anyone.

At the goal line he is a load to stop. While he won’t break away for huge gains, he will pound you into submission before Carr throws over the top.

Bentley and the LB group will need to be ready to go to support the D line as they face maybe the toughest test yet.

Chris Carson is great, but not as beefy. I’m not sure how we will defend the big back.

The Raider Defense Might Be Good

The Raiders held what is normally an explosive Saints offense to 24 points.

While the Panthers put up 30 on them, the first game of the year is even weirder than usual this year without preseason.

The unheralded secondary is actually second in the NFL in interceptions. They could fool around and create a turnover or two and we have a game.

On paper, the Patriots are the better team. However, the undefeated team coming into this one is the Raiders, who looked mighty impressive against the juggernaut Saints.

Patriots Looking Ahead

No disrespect to the Raiders, but the team the Pats play next is maybe the best team in the league.

The Chiefs offense is the best in the NFL. It scares me to think what Mahomes and that team could do against a secondary that has looked shaky.

The Patriots could easily be looking ahead to the Chiefs and forget about this pesky Raiders team.

We shall see.

This feels like a trap game for sure.

Cam, carry us to victory – I can’t handle being 1-3!

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-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)


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