Lamar Jackson: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Lamar Jackson is about to enter his fourth and final season on his rookie deal. Jackson has a 30-7 record as a starter and has an MVP under his belt so far in his career. People are wondering is this his peak? I am here to give you the truth of whether or not Lamar Jackson has hit how good he will be in this league or not. With that being said here is the good, the bad and the ugly about Lamar Jackson.


The Good: 

Lamar Jackson is a defensive coordinator’s nightmare as he is an absolute dual threat of a quarterback. Even though we saw a dip in his numbers this season, Lamar Jackson still produced very solid numbers in his fifteen starts last season. 26 passing touchdowns to go along with 9 interceptions is good numbers to have as a starting quarterback. Baltimore fans love having Lamar as their guy and he is a Ravens fan favorite since becoming their starter. Are the Ravens going to pay Lamar the amount of money that he is going to want after this season?


The Bad: 

Lamar is entering the final year of his rookie deal and with the style of play that Lamar plays is it safe to want to pay him the amount of money he is going to want after this year? I personally do not think he is going to be worth that amount of money. He is going to look for a figure that is around a little more than what Deshaun Watson made on his contract. I don’t think Jackson is worth that to be honest. The way he plays he is one bad injury from being out of this league. He gives me major RGIII vibes in the style of his play.

RGIII is his backup right now and when he was healthy in Washington; he was spectacular. That is what Lamar is for Baltimore right now, but this style of play won’t last long in this league. Also as he gets older and after the wear and tear that will happen on his legs, he will not be the same quarterback. The Ravens have this upcoming season to win a championship with Lamar before their window closes. Yes I said before their window closes, because if they don’t win the Super Bowl after this season; the Ravens will not win a Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson as their starting quarterback. Trust me when I say this; we saw the dip in Jackson’s play this season and if he doesn’t have a career year in 2021 which I don’t see him having, this team will need to look in a different direction.


The Ugly: 

The Baltimore Ravens have won two Super Bowls since they became a team in 1996. When they won the Super Bowl they won because of their defense. They won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco as their starting quarterback. The list of quarterbacks for the Ravens isn’t a great list, but the amount of talent that they have on defense in year’s past has been incredible. See the consistency here, the Ravens have been good with a good defense.

Lamar Jackson is going to want an absurd amount of money and as a player who represents himself I can see these contract negotiations being a very heated battle. We saw Watson fight for every cent of that contract and in my opinion he deserved that contract. Lamar Jackson doesn’t deserve that contract as their are at least ten quarterbacks in this league that I would want to be my quarterback instead of him. Baltimore fans trust me when I tell you this. You better hope Lamar brings you a Super Bowl this year, because if he doesn’t you guys will be screwed for years.


The Ugly Part Two: 

Baltimore is going to give Lamar the contract he wants. because without him they go back to square one I agree. The thing is even with winning 30 games and losing 7 in his 37 starts, he still is not as good as his numbers show. Defensive Coordinators are starting to figure him out, and the only thing he will do with that contract extension is hold the Ravens back. His numbers look good with that offensive line that he has in front of him, and the talented running game he has with him as well. Put Lamar on any other team and he isn’t what he is with the Ravens.

If Lamar takes the big contract then the Ravens are going to be stuck with having no targets for him to throw to. Future doesn’t look bright in Baltimore if they commit a mega contract to Lamar Jackson after this season. Enjoy being good now Baltimore, because you won’t be this good after he gets his big pay day.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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