Kylian Mbappe To Real Madrid In January?

The start of the season for PSG Coach, Mauricio Pochettino has been off to a blistering start thus far. Now, with less than three months before the January transfer window approaches, all roads are leaning towards Mbappe to Madrid becoming a real thing.

Let’s dive into the story a little more, shall we?

Mbappe’ s Recent Behavior at PSG.

As the season continues at PSG, Kylian Mbappe’ s behavior has changed drastically and even more during the past few weeks. Kylian’s frustrations seemed to have finally come to a a boiling point for him as there is simply just too much happening at Paris St. Germain.

The most recent questionable behavior came after this past weekend. Mbappe was heard calling Brazilian superstar, Neymar, a “bum”. During an interview with French presser, L’Equipe, Mbappe cleared things up. However, the behavior is noticeable in his answer that he just simply doesn’t want to be here any longer.

Take a look:

While Mbappe gives a very professional and clear answer, the frustrations of being at PSG are noticeable, and rightfully so.

During the late stages of the July transfer window, it was rumored that Spanish-giants, Real Madrid were making a move for the French international. However, after an offer was made to PSG by Real Madrid, PSG quickly rejected it.

For awhile, it seemed as if the news of Lionel Messi coming to PSG had made Mbappe want to leave. However, that was not the case as Mbappe made it very clear today in the same interview with L’Equipe.

So, could this answer be fueling the fire between PSG and Real Madrid in making the move possible? Or is there something else?

Florentino Perez Speaks On The Situation…

If I was owner of PSG right now, I’d be hell bent over the comments made today by Florentino Perez. Why? Well, the comments didn’t really help at all to ease a situation that has been getting worked on for over a few months now.

PSG’s interest in keeping Mbappe have risen to new levels. However, Florentino’s grit in wanting Mbappe to Madrid to happen has not waivered. Perhaps, this answer here leads to speculations of this happening come January 1, 2022.

Final Thoughts…

Personally, I think the situation here between PSG and Real Madrid will get even hotter very soon. However, I do think PSG may want to quickly consider making the move happen. Financially, while they made all the right moves and made some strategic decisions in July, there comes a time where the books need to be cleaned up a bit. Currently, with a heavily stacked roster at PSG, how does PSG guarantee a future to Mbappe with stars like Messi and Neymar leading the charge?

On the other hand, for Real Madrid this is a move that they desperately need. With some of the older folks like Modric and Marcelo soon to done at the team, you sort of need a new face to the club ASAP. If I was Mbappe, and this is what is a likely promise from Real Madrid, why wouldn’t one jump at the opportunity?

What do you think though? Will we see the move happen in January? Share your thoughts on this with the folks over at the Yellow Card Podcast on Twitter (@Podcastcard) and make sure to tune in to episode 55 as they will go over this and more.

(Featured Image credit to Sportbible.com)

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