Kiwoom and Jones: Fantasy Football Show Episode 6

This is episode 6 of Kiwoom and Jones: Fantasy Football Show brought to you by Couch Guy Sports.  As always Matty Kiwoom and Chris Jones got together and sorted through the chaos that is fantasy football. This week they were joined by the Social Media Director of CGS and Writer, Matt Burnett.  Do not forget to tune in every Wednesday morning for a new episode of Kiwoom and Jones: Fantasy Football Show.

Incase you missed Episode 5

Topics Covered This Week on Kiwoom and Jones: Fantasy Football Show Episode 6

  • Champ and Chump from Week 4
  • Buy/Sell
  • Week 5 Preview
  • All this & so much more

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find the boys on Twitter @MattyKiwoom & @cjoneswho1212. You will also check out the podcast’s Twitter handle (@kiwoomANDjones). Follow our guest Matty B on Twitter (@mattthew_jordan) and check out his articles on couchguysports.com. Find Kiwoom and Jones on Spotify, Apple Pods, or basically where ever you listen to podcasts. Please share with your league mates, friends, and hell even your biggest rival

Be sure to keep coming back for more fantastic content and enjoy Kiwoom and Jones: Fantasy Football Show.

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Matty Kiwoom

My name is Matt and I'm a sports-a-holic. *pauses for warm welcome*

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