Knicks Snub Melo In Season Ticket Promotion

Today the New York Knicks tweeted out a picture to try and promote their season tickets. They seemed too have left one big player out of the picture…. Carmelo Anthony… Does this now mean that the Knicks will be getting rid of their biggest player? It has to mean that at some point this year they will part ways with Melo. Why wouldn’t they?  I mean I get that the Knicks front office is trying to get everyone excited about the “future” of the team, but Melo is a star. Does anyone even recognize the other two players in the promotion picture?! I honestly recognized Porzingis and their new draft pick Frank Ntilikina, but who the heck is number 14? Well number 14 happens to be second year player Willy Hernangomez, who I guess put up some pretty decent numbers in his rookies season. 

The Knicks need to boot Melo as soon as possible and start their rebuild. I think they do have a nice little core of youth, but Melo can not be taking valuable time from them. Sorry Melo but New York wants absolutely NOTHING to do with you anymore, and it is pretty funny. What would not be funny is if the Knicks decided to make a move with the Cavaliers or another rival team in the East. For now lets just laugh and think about how terrible the Knicks will be this upcoming season.


Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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