Kevin Pillar Hitting Twitter With The Hard Facts

Kevin Pillar is quickly and quietly becoming one of my favorite Red Sox players, that has yet to play a game in a Sox uniform. I have always thought of Pillar as a little bit of an overrated player. I know he has a flair for making unbelievable plays, but I always chalked that up to, yea, you need to make all these insane plays because you are getting terrible reads off the bat and have the speed to make up the grounded and layout for it.  Maybe it is was the simple fact that he played for the Blue Jays for a while that my first instinct was to hate him, but I can’t anymore. He just seems like an all-around great dude.

MLBPA vs. MLB Owners

By now, we all know the drama that is unfolding between the player’s association and the owners. It is honestly flat out embarrassing. Out of the four major sports, baseball has the least about of “contact.” If everything continues, they will be the last professional sports league back because the Billionaires don’t want to give up any more money. Initially I thought it was pathetic on both sides millionaires fighting with billionaire, pathetic. Then diving into it a little more, I completely side with the players. I will not be convinced otherwise and if you support the owners. The Kevin’s are here to give you a reality check….well, mostly Kevin Pillar because well you know he is famous and all.

Pillar’s Tweet

Before you jump and say, there is no way that’s true. Think about it for a minute. MLB players are drafted and sign a rookie contract. That means you are in that organization and have six years of MLB service time. The league’s minimum is 563,000 dollars. So unless you establish yourself as one of the league’s best players, odds are you are making a million dollars or less. That is insane! Makes me side more with the players because it is not entirely about Bryce Harper or Mike Trout getting their 30+ million a year, but more so about the Dever’s and Chavis’s who are still only making about 600k-700k a year. I know what you are thinking, and all I can say is, don’t. “ThAt Is StiLl A lOt Of MoNeY” yea you’re right it is, and I understand that millions of people are out of work right now. The owners previously wanted the players to come back an take up to an 80% salary cut. So 80% of 700k is about $140,000. Again, I understand you can still live off that. Ask yourself this, though. Would you risk your life, your kid’s life, and your family’s lives, for 80% less of what you make while your bosses still rake in millions from your work? Yea, didn’t think so.


Kevin Pillar is keeping people in check on twitter, and I love every second of it. The MLB owners are a bunch of cheapskates who will do anything to save a buck. The worst take away from all this, though, baseball is toast. Thanks to the owners for being the absolute worst during this whole situation. It’s becoming more and more likely that baseball will not be played in 2020. Meanwhile, the NBA is returning, and the NHL is making serious strides on returning and looks like they will. It’s embarrassing and if the MLB does not come back. Rob Manfred will no longer have a job.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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