Kevin McDermott, Vikings LongSnapper, Lost Part of His Pinky Last Night During the Game

If you missed it, watch the video again and you’ll see McDermott stand and hold his hand.

What a badass maniac this guy is. Do you know why? Not just because he had the top of his pinky get severed off by the helmet of someone on the Rams, but because this guy CAME BACK INTO THE GAME!

If my pinky falls off mid-game, you can guarantee my selfish ass is sitting out and not coming back in. Hell, if I’m the long snapper, absolutely nobody will even be able to tell. Everybody talks about hockey guys being the tough ones in the four sports and they are. There’s no doubt that Brad Marchand could get shot in the leg in pregame and he’d still be out there. But this just bumped football players a little closer. If one of the most un-noticed players in the game will still come back, he’s a flat out monster.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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