Kemba Walker For MVP

Kemba Walker has been the Celtics MVP through the first 5 games, and you can’t argue against that. I was skeptical of whether or not Kemba could handle the Boston sports pressure, but so far, he has killed it. Through the first 5 games, Kemba has averaged 26.2 points per game and ranks inside the top 10 for PG player proficiency.

Kyrie Irving who? Seriously, Kemba is proving himself so far in Boston. Kyrie Irving gave up in plenty of games last season while Kemba has already led his teams to comeback victories. Celtics fans can only help but smile as the Celtics win games and the Nets lose with Kyrie. Jayson Tatum is no doubt up for the discussion of team MVP with that last-second game-winning shot against the Knicks. However, Kemba has emerged as the leader scoring 4 more points per game than Tatum. Kemba Walker has been the player that the Celtics needed thus far. We can only hope that he will keep up his pace of play.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC19)

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