Celtics-Cavs Game Preview

The 4-1 Boston Celtics look to make it five straight wins as they take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think we all know by now that Cleveland is in a rebuilding phase. The Celtics are coming off a grueling win against the Knicks while the Cavs are coming off a 20 point loss at home to Dallas. On paper, the Celtics should be taking this game over with ease. But just for fun, let’s look at a few key tidbits to keep in mind.

Jaylen Brown Remains Out

The Celtics have been able to win without Jaylen Brown thus far. But in the long run, the Celtics will need Brown on the court. As far as tonight is concerned, it looks like Jaylen Brown is out again.

Brown continues to battle with an illness. But, it does looks like Brown could be back as soon as the Charlotte game on Thursday night. Not having Brown on the court is definitely a huge loss. But for now, the Celtics should be able to handle the Cavs even without Brown’s services.

Enes Kanter Is Almost Ready To Play

Kanter continues to battle back from a left knee contusion. He suffered in the opening night game against the 76ers. The Celtics could use Kanter back on the court for his rebounding and low-post offensive abilities. It seems like the knee is pretty much ready to go, but he could take one more game off. Worst case, Kanter could be back for the Hornets game if there is any more conflict. It’ll be good to see Kanter consistently back on the court with this Celtics group.

Robert Williams Is Probable For Tonight

The big thing here is that it looks like Robert Williams will play tonight. That helps the Celtics frontcourt out immensely with Kanter still recovering from injury. The Celtics have Daniel Theis as a starter, but need more help coming off the bench. Having Williams come off the bench as a defensive and rebounding specialist is a huge help. It doesn’t hurt that he can finish a few alley-oops here and there as well. Williams can be a special player for this Celtics team. He just needs to play more and develop more of an offensive skill set.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot to look at in tonight’s game. The starting five is still pretty good, but it can always be better. Having those three guys mentioned above gives the Celtics great additions everywhere. The Celtics should take care of business in Cleveland tonight. But, you still have to play the games. Time to get another job done tonight in Cleveland!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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