Kawhi Leonard wants OUT of San Antonio

League Sources told Yahoo Sports this afternoon that Spurs star Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. The only option for the Spurs organization is it to trade Kawhi Leonard and get some draft picks/ players.

The drama between the Spurs and Kawhi has been going on since the beginning of last season. Leonard played just nine games last season after arguing with the franchise about the legitimacy of his quadriceps injury.

When healthy, Kawhi Leonard is the best two way player in the world. And at 26 years old, a lot of teams are itching to trade for Leonard. The thing is, do those teams have pieces that the Spurs would want.

Obviously, the Spurs have to make a move. He is under contract for two more seasons and owed $41.4 million, but has a player option for 2019-20. This means that Leonard can opt out his contract after next season and sign with another team. Any team wanting to trade for Leonard has to keep that in mind. 

The teams that are most likely to land Kawhi Leonard in a trade are the: Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Timberwolves, Suns, Pistons, and Bucks. These teams have enough young talent that the Spurs would want in return for a superstar player.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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