Kawhi Leonard Out For Game 3

The Spurs had a 25 point lead in game 1 over the Warriors, but it has literally been all downhill from there. The Warriors rallied back to win game 1 after Kawhi Leonard left with an injury. Kawhi sat out game 2 and the Spurs got smoked by a score of 136-100. Now Kawhi is out for game three as the Spurs try to win their first game of the series at home. I believe that Coach Gregg Popovich is making the right move in not playing Kawhi.

He has to know that his team does not stand a chance at winning this series against the Warriors. Why risk his franchise player getting injured even more and have the potential to get badly injured? As much as I want to see Kawhi play and make it tougher on the Warriors, I know he may not play the rest of the series. Aldridge will have to handle a part of the scoring load tonight after only scoring 8 points in game 2.

If the Warriors win tonight, then this series is all over. The Spurs just looked distraught in game 2 when they started to fall behind. Is it to early to start talking about the Cavs and the Warriors in the finals? This is all we can look forward to now as we wait for both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals to be over with.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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