Celtics Suffer Worst Loss By Any Team In Eastern Conference Finals Playoffs History

Right when you think think it could not get any worse for the Celtics after their loss in game 1 to the Cavs, The Celtics just get absolutely destroyed in game 2. I for one did not see this blowout loss coming.

I thought the Celtics would rally back after game 1 and put up some sort of fight. Well it turns out that the Celtics made the NBA playoff history books last night and not in a good way. The Celtics are now the only team to be down 41 points at half time in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavaliers crushed the Celtics 130 to 86 last night, making it the worse loss in Eastern Conference Playoffs history. To make it even worse for the Celtics, star point guard Isaiah Thomas left the game with a strained hip injury.

Can the Celtics win a game in this series? I at least thought  the C’s would win one game at home. Boston is a tough city to play in, and the Celtics were coming off hot after game 7 of their last series.

Now the Celtics have the potential to be swept in Cleveland. I want to say that the Celtics can win a game, but it is not looking like that will happen. If IT does not play in game 3 or 4, then the Celtics have no chance at winning a game in this series. There is no one else on the Celtics that can go out and score 25 plus points a night.   

It makes you think as a fan, would  having acquired Paul George or Jimmy Butler  really made much of a difference? Paul George and Butler are great players, but I do not think they would make much of a difference against the Cavs. LeBron James is just too good and the Eastern Conference is all his until he either gets hurt, or his body just wears down.

The Cavaliers are just to solid of a team to not make it to the Finals. Kevin Love is shooting phenomenally well and Irving is making smart decisions on the floor. The Cavaliers lack a talented bench, but most of their bench players can knock down threes which is huge.

I know I predicted Cavaliers in 6 but right now it is looking like it will be Cavs in 4. Lets hope that the Celtics can put something together and at least win a game in this series. All I want to see is the Celtics play hard and with some pride in game 3. At least make the game somewhat exciting and entertaining to watch.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)


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