Kawhi Leonard Comes Up Short In 2019 NBA Finals

Let me keep this one short and sweet, the Warriors are winning the NBA Finals. I’m absolutely sick of watching the Warriors win the Finals every season, but this team is destined to win yet again. However, the Raptors are a formidable foe and will make this a series.

Let’s start off with the only chance that the Raptors have. Besides Kawhi Leonard having to go off every game, the big men will have to play a major role. Golden State fires away three-pointers. The key is to not let them get second chances off those shots.  If Gasol and Ibaka allow the Warriors to grab offense rebounds, then its all over. You cant give the Warriors second chances like that. Gasol and Ibaka will also have to step up scoring in the post. The Warriors lack a physical presence in the post. I am pulling for the Raptors in to win this, but the Warriors are too lethal.

The Raptors have home court advantage which is BIG for them. To win this series, the Raptors need to win game 1 at home. Winning game 1 will show everyone that the Raptors are ready to make this competitive. It will also put a lot of pressure on the Warriors for game 2 and beyond.


Other than that, The Warriors have this series on total lock. Curry, Thompson, and Green have seen and experienced almost everything an opposing team can throw at them.  If Durant is healthy and comes back, then the Raptors have a 0% chance. This team has the ultimate chemistry and also has the capability to play solid defense.

My prediction is Warriors win the Finals in 6. I was going to say 5, but I didn’t want to disrespect Kawhi like that. In my eyes, Kawhi is the second best player in the NBA and he is capable to lock down one of the splash brothers while leading Toronto to a couple wins.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC19)

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