It’s Now Or Never For Dombrowski To Save This Season

The mid-week series against the Indians was supposed to be the launching point for the rest of the season. A team that barely sits above .500 coming into Fenway right before a big series against the Yankees. They needed to take at least two, if not all three. Red Sox trade rumors

Instead, the Sox dropped two of three against the tribe. Both losses came in pretty horrendous fashion too.

On Tuesday, the bullpen blew a three-run lead in the 9th, with the Indians scoring 5 in the final inning. On Wednesday, the pitching staff as a whole wasted a day of hitting, as the Sox lost despite putting up 9-runs. The Indians just happen to put up 14.

We are nearly a third of the way through the season. The Sox sit at 29-27 and are 7.5 games back from the Yankees in the division. Realistically they have a week, maybe two to get back into this race. With the team they have right now, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

That’s why it is now or never for Dave Dombrowski to save the season.

This team has some glaring holes when it comes to pitching. The starters are a mess. Price has the lowest ERA of the starters and he hasn’t pitched in quite some time. Other than him, every starter has an ERA over 4. The bullpen, well just watch a game and you’ll know what the deal with the bullpen is.

Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are still unsigned. That’s the easy way to attempt to save the sinking ship. It may also be the only way. Dombrowski has stripped the minors of any valuable assets, as he does everywhere he goes, and the Sox don’t have many top-notch trading chips.

Dombrowski has no one to blame but himself for this mess, and he’s not in a position I envy right now. He’s the only man who can save this season.

-Dillon Leary


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