Josh Taylor is a Red Sox unsung hero of 2021 (So far!)

The Boston Red Sox continue to be a good baseball team. Even though they only went 3-3 on their past West Coast road trip, they’re still atop the A.L. East standings. Part of that has been due to their bullpen. In particular, we’re talking about Red Sox left-handed relief pitcher Josh Taylor. Does anybody want to talk about how good this guy has been yet? Nobody? Okay, fine! I’ll talk about it. In fact, let’s all talk together about why Josh Taylor is an unsung hero for the Boston Red Sox in 2021. (So far!)

The Drastic 2020 to 2021 Improvement

To say that 2020 was unkind to Josh Taylor with the Red Sox is an understatement. This guy flat out stunk with the Red Sox in 2020. Yes, I know the whole year and team was awful too. I get that! But Taylor specifically was incredibly bad. In eight games appeared, Taylor sported a 9.82 ERA in not even eight total innings of work. That right there is flat out putrid!

Fast forward to 2021. He has a 2.70 ERA in 30 innings pitched. That is a dramatically big improvement! It’s clear Alex Cora has a lot more confidence in Taylor in 2021. With more appearances and a significantly less era, how can you blame him?

The Scoreless Innings Streak

You read that right! Josh Taylor has thrown 26 consecutive scoreless outings. My college baseball team had that as an offense. (We were a very young team, sorry!) That’s how insane that stat is to think about. Taylor couldn’t buy an out in 2020. Now? He’s expected to go out and shut teams down when he trots out to the mound. The HR/9 are down and the SO/9 are up. Those are always good signs for a thriving reliever!

In Conclusion

Josh Taylor continues to be an unsung hero for the Red Sox in 2021. Sure, guys like Hunter Renfroe, Christian Arroyo, and Nick Pivetta are overperforming as well. But Josh Taylor deserves his credit for his production so far this year too. Put some respect (for now!) on his name!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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