Josh McCown Broke the Internet

In case y’all missed it last night, Josh McCown literally broke the internet. Considering the last time a Jets quarterback broke the internet involved running into his teammates ass, this is a step in the right direction.

Side note: If you’re gonna tell me that 2.8K favorites isn’t breaking the internet, just know that this is the Jets second most favorited tweet of the month. Behind the announcing of signing Teddy Bridgewater. Clearly the McCown thing is way more important.

Even his teammates were shook.

I mean, it shouldn’t be that surprising because McCown is a professional athlete right? Wellllllllll it’s stunning.

Elephant in the room here, is it because he’s white? I’m gonna say no to that one. I’m sure Travis Kelce could go out there and drop a cool 30 on your ass and no one would bat an eye.

The bigger deal here is that McCown is old. He’ll be 39 before the season starts. And he’s out there hammering down alley-oops and yamming on dudes down the lane. But whatever. He’s 6’4 and should be able to dunk as a professional athlete. Look at the Rajon Rondo ball fake that he pulls off. That thing is nasty.

Tom Brady can’t do this. I feel like Blake Bortles would be a disaster on a basketball court. Brock Osweiler could probably dominate you on a basketball court, arms and legs flapping and flailing all over the place.

Long live Josh McCown and his wildly impressive basketball abilities.

Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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