Holt vs Marrero…Who Will Win and Who Should Win?

Over the last few days there’s a lot of talk about the Red Sox looking to trade either Brock Holt or Deven Marrero, as there’s only one roster spot left and they’re the front-runners for said spot. Holt is currently hitting .345 with 29 at bats and a OBP of .472. Compared to Marrero who’s hitting .240 through 50 plate appearances with a OBP of .283. Ouch. While Holt is far and away the better hitter while Marrero processes the better glove.

To me, this shouldn’t be a competition. Holt been on this team and done everything you ask of him with success. So he went through a bad stint with vertigo last year that sidelined him for a while, that’s not his fault. It seems that Holt is starting to bounced back to his 2015 All-star season and if that’s the case, why would you not want this kid on your team?

I’ve never been much of a Marrero fan, frankly because I don’t think a guy that’s strictly a glove should be valued higher than a player that can play all over the field, hit pretty well, and play average defense at every position. Holt is flat-out the better player overall.

The only way you should ship Holt out is if some team blows you out of the water with an offer for him. To me both players are going to bring in a similar haul so why not keep the better player? I don’t want to picture Brock star in another uniform and I definitely want to separate the flowbrows! DomDom do the right thing..keep Brock here, you love him, the fans love him and most importantly…Benny biceps loves him. Don’t upset bennybiceps!

-Kevin Perdios (@perdios95)

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