Joe Burrow looking for one more postgame cigar celebration

Over the course of his football career, Joe Burrow has enjoyed a victory cigar after big wins. There is the infamous picture of Burrow sitting down smoking a stogie following LSU’s national championship win.

Cigars have become part of Burrow’s identity, showing the world his cool and smooth personality.

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During this year’s Super Bowl run, Burrow and his teammates have been celebrating with a good cigar. In the process, Burrow has begun to bring attention to the cigar industry. This Sunday, if the Bengals win the Super Bowl, the cigar industry might explode thanks to Joey Brrrr. 

What cigar does Joe Brrrr smoke? 

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Burrow has a few favorite cigars, so pinpointing his favorite will be difficult.

Following the Bengals win over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, Burrow turned to La Flor Dominicana Mysterio cigars.

The La Flor Dominicana Mysterio is a beautiful cigar. It’s almost so beautiful that you don’t even want to smoke it.

From the stunning ends of the cigar to the nipple like twisted pig tail at the end. The La Flor Dominicana Mysterio cigar will bring the aromas of sweet chocolate, spice, hay, dried apricot. The smooth sweet cigar has been a perfect compliment to Burrow’s postgame partying.

Joe Burrow a cigar guy?

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Marx (copyright)

The fact is, Burrow has made the postgame celebration cigar cool. But in reality, Burrow isn’t a big cigar guy.

“It cracks me up that Joe is known for smoking cigars,” says Dan Burrow, one of Joe’s two older brothers in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I’ve never known him to be a cigar guy.”

Burrow’s father and grandfather are the big cigar smokers in the family. Just last week, following the AFC title win, there was a photo that surfaced on social media of Burrow’s father and Ja’Marr Chase’s dad smoking a stogie in the parking lot.

Burrow the next Super Bowl winning quarterback?

The Bengals will look to win their first ever Super Bowl in franchise history on Sunday. Burrow will lead the high-powered Bengals offense against a rock-solid Rams defense. The former LSU quarterback has brought a confidence and swagger to Cincy that the city hasn’t seen before. If Burrow can lead the Bengals to the promise land, the former first overall pick would have won at both the collegiate and pro levels.

Burrow is looking to etch his name as one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

“I’m chasing Aaron Rodgers to try and be the best,” said Burrow during his Super Bowl media session. “He’s been doing it for a long time.”

Once the dust settles and the confetti drops in Los Angeles, Bengals fans will be hoping Burrow, Chase and the rest of the Bengals stars will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy and then smoking a cigar.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Jeffrey Marx (copyright)

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