JK Dobbins Could Miss Season

Baltimore Ravens second year running back JK Dobbins might miss the entire season. He was carted off the field last night and signs do not look good for him to play a down this season now. Dobbins was listed as RB14 by our Couch Guy fantasy football content team this year. He had some huge upside and this will be a loss for Baltimore for this season. Now who is going to fill the void for Dobbins in that offense. With that being said here are names to watch out for and to keep an eye on for the Ravens to sign.


Dobbins Immediate Replacement

Gus Edwards

Gus Edwards was listed as RB44 in the Couch Guy fantasy content team rankings, but he should be going a lot earlier now. Edwards now has huge RB2 upside and should be looked at in the mid round of your drafts. Edwards is going to be a viable option even more now than he was before. With the chemistry that he has with Lamar Jackson, you should easily be taking him in your leagues. I am really curious to see what Edwards can do with a huge workload, especially if they don’t bring anybody else in.


I do think that they could be bringing in a running back this week to replace Dobbins on the roster. With that being said here are some options of free agent running backs that could potentially end up with Baltimore this season.


Free Agent Names

Todd Gurley 

Todd Gurley is a name that is still available that could be beneficial for the Ravens. We have seen what the 27 year old running back can do in his career. The two time all-pro was an amazing running back at the beginning of his career. With a team like Baltimore I could see him flourishing big time. The Ravens should be looking in to bringing him in to help out Edwards. Could Todd Gurley take over as the RB1 for the Ravens? Oh he for sure can, but the thing is will Baltimore take the chance on him? If you are the Ravens you have to take the shot and for fantasy owners he is a name that you should watch out for in your free agents wire.


Le’Veon Bell

Since he sat out a season due to a contract dispute, Le’Veon Bell hasn’t been the same running back. He didn’t fit in the Jets system and he didn’t get the touches in Kansas City. Now if the Ravens call to bring him in, he could be a very versatile running back for them. Bell has great abilities catching passes out of the backfield and he could help create more opportunities for Lamar to succeed this season. Like Gurley, Bell is still in his prime as he is still only 29 years old. We saw how good Bell can be in this league, and I think he is a name that Ravens fans and fantasy owners should keep an eye on.


LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy is the older option that I have in mind for the Ravens. However he might fit this offense the best with his play style. He is a quick running back that is very capable of making people miss and is very elusive. McCoy hasn’t gotten many touches the last couple of seasons, but I think in this offense he could shine. We saw big time production from him during his NFL career and this spot could be a chance for him to do that again. McCoy is probably the least likely out of these three names, but just the thought of this even at the age of 33 could be scary.


Featured image: Bleacherreport.com

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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