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Jeremy Swayman is the latest Bruins goaltender on the hotseat

Bruins’ rookie goaltender Jeremy Swayman is starting to come back down to earth. After an incredible stretch of play that lasted most of February (and some flashes of brilliance in March) the netminder has cooled off. Thus, finding himself on the latest edition of ‘Which Bruins Goaltender are we Bashing This Week’? If you are getting a sense of sarcasm from the last sentence, you’re on the money.

The Bruins goaltending carousel this season

The Bruins goaltending situation this season has had various twists and turns. The season started with Swayman and newly signed goaltender Linus Ullmark. Both goaltenders have been splitting starts until the start of the new year, with neither really pulling away as the number one guy. With rumors of Rask returning, both goaltenders seemed to step it up. Ultimately it was Swayman who was the odd man out, in large part because of his two-way contract. Then Rask retires and Swayman returns, and he doesn’t look back, posting strong numbers while Ullmark struggled. Now it’s the opposite is happening as we enter the final month of the regular season. Ullmark is getting more starts while Swayman looks to get back on track. Oh, and remember the Dan Vladar game where he beat the Bruins, and many thought that they just let the next Patrick Roy walk?

Let’s lay off Swayman my fellow Bruins fans

This is Swayman’s first full professional season. As impressive as he was throughout the month of February and parts of March, as I mentioned last month, it just wasn’t sustainable. He was bound to come back down to earth. Luckily, the Bruins have Linus Ullmark whom seems to have found his game as of late. The goaltending tandem in various points this season has shown one goaltender take the reins when the other falters. Also, the big hugs at the end of games they win are wholesome. Long story short, it’s a long season and playoffs are still on the horizon. So, my fellow Bruins fans, let’s lay off the rookie a bit, ok?

(Image Source: theathletic.com)

-Josh Croteau (@_jcro on Twitter)

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