Jayson Tatum Has A New Workout Partner

How should Celtics fans feel about this?

I for one am not a fan. Not necessarily because Kobe was a Laker, but because of the kind of player he was. Yeah, I know he had a great career. Seven Finals appearances, five rings, two Finals MVP’s. He certainly has championship pedigree. I’m just not a fan of him or his game at all.

What good is Tatum going to get learning from the guy who had to huck up almost 23 shots a game one season just to see 9 of them actually fall? I don’t care if he dropped 81 in a game, Kobe is just DeMar DeRozan in a better situation to me. And if it weren’t for Shaq and Pau Gasol, he wouldn’t have been shit. The Laker teams without those two and just Kobe were not great at all. He wasn’t a good teammate. He wasn’t a leader. All Kobe Bryant did over the course of his career was score the basketball and treat his teammates like shit. Did he have his moments? Absolutely. Is he a top 20 player of all-time? Yes. But a lot of his numbers just feel very hollow. I’m not so sure that’s the guy I want my future franchise player learning from.

Did I just use this meaningless story as an excuse to bash Kobe? Maybe. I’ll let you be the judge.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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