Jason McCourty Had the Play of the Game In Super Bowl 53 And We Need to Talk About It

I’ll be honest. Super Bowl 53 bored the hell out of me. Is it because this Super Bowl just didn’t have the same juice as all of the other ones? Maybe. Is it because the Rams might be the most boring NFL team to ever walk the face of the earth? I don’t want to be the one to say it but those are the rumors that I’ve hear. Jared Goff has the personality of a potato that’s just waiting to be cooked.

There was no juice to this game at all. It was the lowest rated Super Bowl since 2009 and the lack of scoring was brutal. And listen, I’m a big time defense guy. I love seeing big defensive stops and I’m not asking for a blowout here. But 16 total points scored? Are you kidding me?

But I wanted to talk about a play that I’m not seeing enough of on social media. People are hitting on the main topics and that’s fine. Julian Edelman balled out and had himself one hell of a game. Sure, you could have given someone on the defensive side of the ball the nod, but Jules was one of the few bright spots of the Patriots offense through a majority of the game.

And as a side story, now there’s even some speculation about if Tom Brady is over here kissing Robert Kraft on the mouth. Listen, we’ve learned TB12 is a big-time mouth kisser with everyone he loves. His parents, his kids, you name it, he’s smooching them on the lips. And after everything he and Robert Kraft have been through, if he wants to kiss RKK on the lips, buddy, I don’t want to hear it. Hell, it might have been the cheek but if it was the mouth, let it happen. Those two have brought so much joy to my life that they can kiss anybody they want.

I’m not going to stand for this attack online against Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. Let them do their kissing.

So the play of the game that I wanted to bring some attention to was Jason McCourty breaking up a potential game-altering touchdown for the Rams in the back of the end zone.

At the time, the Patriots were only up by three over the Rams with a few minutes left in the third quarter. If the Rams score that touchdown, that officially gives some life to an offense that was struggling–clearly–all day long and a possible major building block to some momentum.

This game last night was a classic defensive battle. Honestly, NOTHING like what the NFL wants to see. They’ve changed the rules to essentially give offenses more viable chances at scoring but last night was painful in regards to offensive production.

Jason McCourty was essentially in another zip code by the time Brandin Cooks was in the end zone and he recognized the broken defensive play and BOLTED to break up the pass. If Goff threw the ball with more force, it probably had a better chance to be completed, but this play right here was the play of the game.

At the time too, the Patriots offense was doing nothing. They couldn’t score and could barely make it beyond the 50. It almost looked like the game could end 3-3. McCourty made the biggest play of the entire night in the biggest game of his life.

This guy’s watched his brother appear in Super Bowl after Super Bowl, and in his first chance, he makes a game-changing defensive stop. Shoutout to Jason McCourty because this was a NASTY play.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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