It’s Truck Day Red Sox Nation!

While everyone (including myself) is trying to recover from staying up to watch this happen:

this is currently going on today:

It is almost that time of the year Red Sox fans, and today was the unofficial start of the season: truck day!

What is truck day exactly? Basically, it is when all of the equipment for Spring Training is put on a big truck and driven down to Fort Myers, Florida for the unofficial start of the MLB season. The equipment itself ranges from everything like jerseys to sunflower seeds and bubble gum.

See? I wasn’t kidding!

It may not seem like much, but it is something that die-hard baseball fans like myself can look forward to every year. Sure, the Patriots winning the Super Bowl is awesome and kills a lot of time in the MLB off-season. But seeing that truck in motion means it is almost time for the season to begin and for the Red Sox to defend their World Series crown.

Also, here’s Mookie Betts just casually winning a bowling championship!

Man, is this guy good at everything or what?!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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