Jarrett Stidham now has Bulletin Board Material Thanks to NBC Sports

I was just going about my day after having a job interview. After the interview, I get in my car and scroll through Twitter before heading home (safety first folks!) and see this.

I did a little bit more digging and read up on a few of the QB’s and reasoning for their position. All I know is that Jarrett Stidham is ranked 32nd out of 32 starting quarterbacks. Not going to lie here, I’m a little bit miffed. Here’s a few things to think about when seeing this list.

For NOW…It Makes Sense

As mad as I may be about this, I do understand why Stidham is at the very bottom. He’s unproven as he’s only thrown four career passes, one for a pick-six. Stidham is essentially in a tough position at the moment. He has to come in and replace Tom Brady, that’s tough enough in itself. Now, he has to prove that he isn’t the worst starting quarterback in the league.

But I Mean…COME ON!

Look, I’m not unreasonable with all of this. I’m not saying Jarrett Stidham is a top five, top 10, or even top 16 quarterback right now. We don’t know what he is. But based off of pure talent and potential, give me Stidham over anyone on that list ranked from 26-31. I’d even take Stidham right now over Sam Darnold. Plus, Joe Burrow hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL yet. So why is he number 21? Ahead of Baker Mayfield and Teddy Bridgewater? I find that to be a bit suspect if we’re being honest. I said this on Small State Big Takes last night, I would have Stidham anywhere from 23-27. That’s very fair for the kid. 32? C’mon, what are we doing here?

In Conclusion

This is just something else that Jarrett Stidham can use as bulletin board material. He keeps getting more disrespect as the days go on. 32nd out of a possible 32 starting quarterbacks? Let’s see what happens at year’s end.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

Photo courtesy of http://www.nbcsports.com/

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