Jaren Jackson Jr. is the Best Rookie No One Is Talking About

When we’re talking about the best rookies this season, Donic, Trae Young, and Deandre Ayton sound like the three that are gonna fight for Rookie of the Year.

I don’t know if you guys remembered this, but Memphis, Tennessee has a basketball team.

The Grizzles are forgettable, so Jackson doesn’t have the hype surrounding him. The Grizzles are on the verge of laughable since coming to Memphis in 2001.

They have two retired numbers in their franchise’s history: Zach Randolph and Tony Allen, who are both still active players.

That is an embarrassing move when you think about it. When Randolph and the Kings roll into Memphis and he sees his name hanging in the rafters, he immediately owns that franchise. That is a fact.

As for Jackson, he’s been incredible. He’s averaging 14ppg and 5rpg with one steal and two blocks per game.

A freak athlete and a pretty solid three point shooter for a defensive minded 6-11 Center.

Memphis has a decent team going right now with Jackson, Mike Conolly and Marc Gasol. Plus, with the new addition of Joakim Noah, they have a pretty intimidating group of big men.

JJJ is going to be a force in the NBA for years to come. He’s like Orlando’s Dwight Howard with a longer wingspan and a three point shot, which is scary to even write.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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