James White NEEDS to be Involved in the Patriots Offense Again

Let’s face the facts Patriots fans. This team is NOT the team that we have seen in year’s past.

Look at the last two weeks for example. The “Miami Miracle” game was a debacle from Tom Brady missing out on points at the end of the first half, to Stephen Gostkowski missing field goals and extra points, to the defense not making ONE tackle to get to 10-3 at the time. The Steelers game was just an un-Patriot like game, from committing 14 penalties for 106 yards, to dropped passes, and everything else in between.

The Patriots stand at 9-5, the number three seed in the AFC, and need help from either the Eagles or Jaguars to beat the Texans and then, win out to miraculously get the two seed.

But there’s one big thing that isn’t being talked about…and that is James White getting less touches since Rex Burkhead returned from injury. I think I’m not the only one who is agreeing that White needs to get a good amount of touches again.

It’s a simple formula for the Patriots this season. Get the ball in White’s hands, and you’re winning the game. Keep it away from him and you’re asking for a loss. Just ask Zack Cox, a Patriots beat writer for NESN, if he agrees with my statement.

Safe to say, James White is one of the major keys to this offense getting their stuff figured out. 9-0 when White gets 13 or more carries, 0-5 when he gets 12 or less. Do I really need to say more?!

So for the Patriots to get back to the Super Bowl, a LOT needs to go their way. But for now, they just need to do a few things.

Win your last two games against Buffalo and the Jets, have Houston lose to the Eagles or Jaguars. Win your divisional game at home against the Chargers (assuming they get Los Angeles that first game) and then somehow find a way to win at Arrowhead (YIKES!) against the Chiefs.

Oh, and give James White the freakin’ ball! Especially with Josh Gordon now being done with his brief playing career in New England, White should be depended on more out of the backfield for Brady to throw the ball to. Fantasy owners will be thankful and Pats fans will rejoice when their offense gets back on track.

Now the defense, that’s a whole different topic to get into and potentially rip your hair out about.

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Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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