It’s Time To Go Our Separate Ways

At the time that I am writing this and by the time this blog is posted we may or may not have a decision on Gordon Hayward’s future. Gordon Hayward was productive for the Celtics when he was healthy, especially this past season. But he’ll remind us of one of the biggest what ifs in Boston sports history. From the moment that he broke his ankle, the Celtics changed forever and the injury probably closed a championship window for the Hayward-Kyrie-Horford trio right before our eyes. One thing to come from that window closing is that Tatum and Brown have developed into one the top NBA duos due to getting the time and to develop with Hayward being out in Tatum’s rookie season and Jaylen’s sophomore campaign. That being said the Celtics are at a crossroad and it’s time to pick a path and stick to it. Moving on from Hayward starts that process and here is why.

The East Is Getting Better

It’s simple you need to be creative in your potential Hayward trade to add depth to this team. The Bucks are doing everything to build a better team to surround Giannis. The Nets are trying to acquire James Harden to form a superteam in Brooklyn. Philly just hired one of the most aggressive Front Office Executives in Daryl Morey. Then you have the Heat and Raptors are looking to add pieces as they try to position themselves for a potential run at Giannis next summer. Trading Hayward for pieces such as a big, or some scoring off the bench,and/or a backup point guard. Giving the Celtics this kind of depth would make them not only compete, but have a realistic shot of winning the NBA title next year or in year’s to come.

The Duo

Tatum and Brown are slowly becoming one of the best duos in basketball. Add in the fact Brown starts his second contract and Tatum will be given a super max contract in the next couple of weeks. It’s time to fit needs and go after players that fit with them. While Kemba has his knee issues which is concerning, his contract fits the Tatum and Brown window. Given the fact Tatum recruited Kemba, it makes sense that he’ll be the third star to this duo. While for Hayward he doesn’t fit moving forward in my opinion. You want Tatum and Brown getting the most shots per game in the future, and you need to move on from Hayward. I understand that he is a facilitator and can create for others, but he can strive elsewhere as a top two/three option on a team. The Celtics need to be able to have a deep team. Without having a deep team, we stay right where we are and the meter doesn’t move in either direction.

It’s Just Time To Move On

Honestly after the ankle injury, no matter Gordon Hayward did; it was never going to compare what we expected from him when he first signed here. Even though stats say otherwise, some Celtics fans have been ready to move on from Hayward since the end of 2018-2019 season. It’s a marriage that can no longer be forced. Given that your young players have emerged, it’s time to move on. I have nothing but respect for Hayward. I truly appreciate him coming back into the bubble after rehabbing while his wife was due at any moment. Nothing but respect for that. You also have to respect the fact he would accept a potential sign and trade. Quite frankly, he owes us nothing. It is time for the Celtics to move on and for them to let Gordon flourish elsewhere.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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