It Was Time

Yesterday we received breaking news that Bruins long time Captain Zdeno Chara signed with the Washington Capitals. I won’t lie I was a little shocked that this happened. But I thought we would see Chara retire. I have been looking online and I’m seeing Bruins fans that are burning with anger because of this. I have to ask why? Are you really mad that they let go of a 43-year defenseman to focus on the youth movement on the blueline or the fact that there were a lot of rumors this offseason and nothing materialized? It’s ok to be mad at the latter. But don’t mix the Chara news with the fact that the Bruins for the majority stood pat during the offseason. There have been rumors since the bubble that Chara might retire or both sides would more than likely move on from one another. Seeing some of the reactions really grinds my gears and it needs to stop.

Stop Comparing This Move To Brady’s Departure

Yes, Chara is a Bruins and a Boston sports icon; but this is nowhere near the Tom Brady situation that happened. Tom Brady was still an elite QB. But he needed a little more support around him and the Patriots weren’t willing to do that. Belichick was ready to move on from Tom since the end of Super Bowl 51. They came back from that 28-3 lead, but that didn’t stop the disrespect of Brady who can still play at a high level as we have seen down in Tampa. This situation with Chara was coming to a head because he’s been thinking about retiring for the last couple of seasons and the team gave him space. Also, the last couple of seasons have worn on him and he has been ineffective in the playoffs when it matters most. He has looked slow and old. He isn’t the same player anymore and that’s okay. But don’t tell me that this is going to make or break the Bruins’ season. Don’t tell me Don Sweeney should be on the hot seat. If you think that this qualifies as a hot seat move then you do not remember the Peter Chiarelli days. It’s not even close to any of those situations that Chiarelli put us in.

Bruins Will Make A Move At The Deadline

Another thing Bruins fans please don’t ignore is the fact that Don Sweeney has made in-season trades by the trade deadline, in each season that he has been the GM of the Boston Bruins. If you want to argue how impactful the deals were that’s fair, but for the most part, the bruins overpay to get guys via trade. We know they are embracing a youth movement on the blue line. But if there are some struggles in their young talent on the blue line, I guarantee they make a deal to improve the blue line. So Bruins fans please relax! You’re still a Stanley Cup favorite and one of the favorites to win the realigned Eastern Division. So you are still in good shape to make a run folks.

Yes, I know Chara moving on for a lot of people is closing of a chapter of their childhoods and a sign of people getting old, but that is life. Legends get old and move on folks. I will forever be grateful for Chara’s time in Boston especially for that 2011 Stanley Cup title run. But the Bruins will be fine and will be in a good position for many runs in the future.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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