“IT IS  A SERIES PEOPLE!” is what I tweeted last night, and technically I am right about that. Most basketball fans may not think that this Celtics team actually has a shot, but they are now only down one game. The Celtics prolonged the series by coming back after being down 21 points in the third quarter to win 111-108 over the Cavs. Watching the first half of this game was just as terrible as watching game 1 and 2. The Celtics fell behind early and were not hitting shots. Late into the third quarter, Jerebko, Smart and Crowder started to play with tenacity. Let me just write that again… JEREBKO, SMART, AND CROWDER. Who would have ever thought that these three would be the heroes of the game?

I may be getting ahead of myself and not giving Avery Bradley enough credit.  First of all, Brad Stevens drew up a beautiful play and Bradley was pretty much wide open when he knocked down his shot. Bradley came off the pick and hit a huge go ahead game winning three with only .01 seconds left on the clock. If you did not see this shot yet, then go watch the replay. While I was watching it, I felt as if time was going in slow motion. The ball rattled around the rim a few times and then finally went through the net.

The Celtics showed that they have some heart left and that they are not going to back down against the Cavs. LeBron and the rest of the Cavs may have stopped trying after the second half, but it does not matter, the C’s still won. This Celtics win just gave us another game to watch and be excited for. Now the Celtics see to live another day AND they get another home game (game 5). Who knows…. Maybe my prediction will come true, Cavs in 6.

Written By: Connor Strayer @Big_C19


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