Isaiah Thomas Was Good…But He’s Not Great

Why is it that people like me exist? The pessimist. That’s because there are way too many people who celebrate something that isn’t there. For example. Isaiah Thomas.

This guy did it all this season. He was your leading scorer, the on the floor leader and simply put…CLUTCH.


It was announced that IT wouldn’t play through the rest of the playoffs after suffering a hip injury that he supposedly had been nursing (no coincidence it comes out after the first two massacres from the Cavs).

He has gone through a lot this season that I can’t even imagine going through. However, he’s still not good enough to be the number one guy.

In his two games against the Cavs this series, IT is a combined 7 for 25 from the field and 2 of 9 from three point land. He also only got to the free-throw line five times and went 3 for 5. He simply wasn’t a facture when he played a better team. I don’t buy that it’s simply because of the injury. He battled hard and played extremely well against the Wizards to win in seven games.

He simply cannot be THE GUY in a major playoff push. Now number two or three? That’s a different argument.

This conversation is simple. Take Markelle Fultz, hopefully pick up Gordon Hayward and take the pressure off of IT to score. There’s no question that this team is pretty good and deserves to be in the Eastern Conference finals. However, they are here because they didn’t suffer Toronto’s fate and play The Cavs in the semifinals.

I do love IT as a player and what he did this season was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in my 25 years.

That doesn’t mean he’s good enough to take down Lebron. In the words of a young team on the rise, TRUST THE PROCESS!

Written by: Jared Scali (@Jscalradio18)

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