Isaiah Thomas Needs To Shut the Hell Up

Isaiah Thomas needs to shut up.

I know, I’m posting this on the same website that went viral earlier this summer for a video thanking IT4 for his time in Boston.

But all this banter from him about getting dealt and being disrespected is getting really old.

I’m not discounting his talents, or what he did for this city and this organization.  The reason that the Celtics are in the position that they currently are is widely due to Isaiah Thomas.  He was an amazing player who exceeded all expectations to become one of the best players in the league last season, and it was shocking to see him get traded to our rivals in a blockbuster near the end of the offseason.

Personally, I loved watching IT4 play, and I loved the intensity that he brought to the court every single night.  It was like he was trying to prove to every player and every team that they should have drafted him back in 2011, when he was the final pick of the NBA Draft.  He was trying to shut up all the naysayers who said he was too short to make a Division I college team, never mind an NBA roster.  He took a lot of abuse night in and night out, and always got right back up to continue to attack the basket and do whatever it took to help his team win.

That’s why everyone loved him so much here in Boston.  We have that fighter’s mentality.  If you show your heart on your sleeve and bleed for your team, you’ll become a star in Boston.  I’m a huge Bruins fan (make sure you read our B’s articles on Couch Guy!), and there’s been a lot of talented players on that team in recent years, but when you play on a broken foot like Gregory Campbell or are willing to throw down at any time like Shawn Thornton, you’ll be fan favorites for life.

Isaiah Thomas will be a fan favorite in Boston for as long as he plays, and for no matter what team he’s suiting up with.  We hate the Cavs… actually we HATE HATE HATE the Cavs, yet no one doubts that IT4 is going to get an outrageous reaction from the Celtics fans when he makes his first appearance at the Garden.  He helped build this team back to contention, and he should be celebrated.


He still needs to shut up.

I’m so sick of hearing him chirp about the trade and that stupid Brinks truck.  That damn truck is the main reason that he’s not playing for the Celtics this season.  Don’t let the media tell you that Danny Ainge has been infatuated with Kyrie Irving for years and that’s the reason IT4 was dealt.  If Thomas made any indication that he would be willing to take something less than a max deal, which would have wrecked the Celtics’ salary cap with two max deals already in the books (Gordon Hayward and Al Horford), then I doubt he would have been shipped away.  Buying Brinks sandals didn’t help matters either.  It started as a joke, but it got out of control quickly, and with his injury status it looks unlikely that any rational team is going to offer him a max contract anyway.

And for someone who has been traded twice before, you would think that IT4 would know that the NBA is a business first and not take things personally.  Yep, you’d be totally wrong on that one.

The latest IT4 bitch-fest came out today, as he was interviewed by Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins for an article on SI.com.  The biggest quote in the story is this one:

“I might not ever talk to Danny again. That might not happen. I’ll talk to everybody else. But what he did, knowing everything I went through, you don’t do that, bro. That’s not right. I’m not saying eff you. But every team in this situation comes out a year or two later and says, ‘We made a mistake.’ That’s what they’ll say, too.”

Of course he’s going to be upset, and think that the Celtics made a mistake.  And of course he’s going to try to use it to motivate himself to excel this season, especially since it’s a contract year and he’s going to miss time due to a hip injury.

But enough is enough Isaiah.

We get it.  You’re mad that you got dealt (for a better, younger, cheaper, taller point guard by the way).

It was understandable.  When it first happened.  But now you just sound like a little baby who is seeking out every single opportunity to tell the media and the fans that you were wronged and that the Celtics made a big mistake.

You may be right.  This deal could blow up in our faces.  We gave up three players and two picks to get Kyrie, and we may have made our chief rival better both now and in the future.  Our new roster may take time to gel or may never become the well-oiled machine that the Celts were last season.  Kyrie may not fit into the Brad Stevens offense, which seemed to be catered to the strengths of IT4.

But with every subsequent story or quote, it’s become more and more evident that Isaiah Thomas wasn’t a good fit in Boston after all.

We don’t like guys that run their mouths and complain about circumstances outside of their control (just look at David Price and basically the entire 2017 Red Sox for proof).  We like guys who put in work every night, who will do anything and everything for the team, and that worry about what’s on the field and not what’s off it.  Put your hard hat on, keep your mouth shut, and just “Do Your Job” and the fans in Boston will be on your side.

That’s where we used to be with Isaiah Thomas (except for those idiots that burned his jersey after the trade… screw them).  But now we’re seeing IT4’s true colors, and they’re not Celtic green or any other color that represents Boston.

And for that I could care less about IT4 anymore.  Go Celtics!!

Written by: Adam Belue (@albinomamba44)

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