Is This Kid From WKU The New Bad Boy Of Baseball?

Good Lord! Somebody make sure Madison Bumgarner hasn’t seen this because he might real life try to find and fight him. In case you were wondering this is Ray Zuberer III and I literally know nothing about him or the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. But damn if this video didn’t make me want to be a die hard fan. I mean he might as well have just spit directly in this poor pitchers face.

Nothing is lamer then all the people who say “don’t show up the pitcher” of “play the game right”. You know why nobody watches baseball anymore? Because there are still people who don’t want you to bat flip or to show emotion. Buddy, this isn’t the Babe Ruth era where everyone is smoking in the dugout and 90 pounds overweight, these are world class athletes who dedicate their lives to a craft. If he didn’t want to get shown up then he shouldn’t have let my guy Ray hit a ball to the moon. And that back foot bat drop almost made me faint, what a work of art. Took me back to the days of pre-injury Ryan Howard. I am hereby declaring Ray Zuberer III the bad boy of baseball. He’s here to save the sport. Well unless he actually isn’t that good then I retract that statement.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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