Is The Nets’ Front Office Considering Trading Kyrie Irving?

Today, author Matt Sullivan was doing an interview and he let a few things slip about the tension within the Nets organization. Understandably, they did just lose to the Bucks in seven but if there is smoke there is fire! Could the Nets be actually looking to trade Kyrie Irving?

Basically the article says that Nets’ GM Sean Marks was pissed off that Kyrie was taking time off and yet having a maskless party. That party ultimately turned out to be a baby shower, but nonetheless it was a maskless party while he was taking some PTO. This just has to be the smoke. I can’t imagine the Nets’ front office is all too happy with him just not playing this year and then them losing in the second round.

But, this is what the Nets knew signing him. He was a headcase in Cleveland. Then he came to Boston and was maybe the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise. And now we are seeing an irked Sean Marks. It is safe to say the Nets were a failure last year. They were a championship or bust team. Shit, they even traded for James Harden to further prove that point. I think out of the Big 3, Kyrie is the least valuable.  Harden and Durant are top 5 players in the league, whereas Kyrie is maybe top 15. Trading Kyrie only helps them in their weak areas – their bench. Harden and Durant can take most of the offensive burden and Joe Harris is an elite shooter. Not to mention, Bruce Brown is talented and Blake Griffin showed like he wanted to be there.

I don’t think they will trade Kyrie, but why not listen to offers?  It doesn’t hurt to look. Not to mention, maybe this will set him straight. He is clearly a headcase who has had too many “yes” men around him in his life to smack him around and straighten him out.  But if the Nets were to move him, it would be such a fall from grace it would be almost beautiful.

John (Uncle_mac4)

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