Is the Dynasty Crumbling?

I normally write pieces about people or things with a lot of backstory, yet this won’t be one of those. If you caught me on twitch (angry_turnip80) you’ll know I carry good positivity trying to look at the big picture. This is me trying to do that, while still disappointed. Now to be fair, (to be fairrr!) I am a 49ers fan, as well as a Patriots fan. However my love of the game is a bit bigger. So i’ll address the elephant in the room……..Bill Belichick

What’s in a Name?

Bill Belichick has no worries. Kick back with this delicious cold cut combo!

Yeah, like I have to run down anything on this man. But……*breathes in* here goes… William Stephen Belichick. 6x Superbowl champ. Coach of the year 3x, (03, 07, 10). NFL Head Coach with most wins in playoffs with 31, and 3rd in coaching wins for the regular season with 261. He’s been a magician in coaching since 1975. And yes, he is the longest-tenured active head coach today! But Toph…All these accomplishments. Why the worry? Well, it’s simple. 2020.

Is He Finally Losing his Touch?

Bill has better plans for the Patriots. Always has.

Yeah, the Patriots are not doing too well this season. We know it. They know it. Hell, the NFL knows it! Maybe thats why Tom Brady jumped ship to Tampa Bay.  Only the front office and Bill Belichick know the reason. Thats Bill’s way. He keeps the Patriots under lock and key. Smoke and mirrors is how he plays it. Can you blame him? It’s worked. Yet what’s happening? What is the reason why the Patriots are 3-5? It can’t just be Cam Newton. And yes I wrote about that as well. Can it be Josh McDaniels? Players that are out? The list of reasons goes on and on.

But what if it is Bill? What if those sweatshirts don’t have the magic in them anymore? What if Bill just….doesn’t have it? Yeah, the Patriots this year are in a bad place. 3rd in the AFC East. 3rd! When was the last time you saw them there, and the Bills in 1st? Early 90’s maybe? I mean, it was a Jim Kelley era. There still has to be an answer. This is the biggest dynasty of any sport. 17+ years of dominance, and it goes right out the window?  I mean, the Patriots weren’t slouches in 2018-2019! Why the change?

No One Knows…..

With everyone asking the big questions, it’s amazing that it can’t be broken down. I’ve been listening to Radio and TV stating Bill doesn’t draft well, or he doesn’t listen to his scouts or personnel.  If that was really the case why do people flock to work with him, or learn from him? He’s Bill Belichick, that’s why! And yeah, Bill is also sporting a different approach to his press conferences. Being up front and a little more outspoken than the cloak and dagger one word answers? That in itself would have me worried. I mean, The tweet from Sports Illustrated says it all!

My Take..

Bill’s only focus is with the team. He’s dedicated to his whole team.

Look, Bill built the place. Robert Kraft Bought it, Bill assembled it, and Tom Brady ran it. It was a 3 man team. Now you got 2 in the place, without your manager. Of course you would have break downs. What else do you expect? Did you also expect Cam Newton to come in and win a Super Bowl? I didn’t. Maybe Jimmy Garoppolo? I mean, he WAS the heir apparent to Tom, and knew the system well. Would he have won a Super Bowl within the last 4 years for the Patriots? I mean, he may not have won, but maybe got you to the dance. Tom had moments where he wasn’t the main reason for winning the Super Bowl, but he wasn’t the only one to get you there either.

I still follow the motto: “In Bill we Trust!” Why you ask? Simple. He built it. He didn’t put superstars in there, and he kept a clear head within the locker room. Look at some places as they go to win. Ego’s are created. Superstars become more enthralled with their own place and not the team that they lead. It also for many years kept Brady grounded. Now Tom is all about his TB12 method, and leading a lot of talented people on the field. This mean Tom can’t carry a team anymore? I think Bill knew. That’s what he does. He knows. Probably why he walked away from the Jets back in 2000.

I believe in Bill Belichick.

-Toph (@Angry_turnip80)

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