Is Jack Eichel a Good Fit for the Boston Bruins? Yes, But Don Sweeney Should Focus Elsewhere

I’ll will start off by saying that I understand it is unlikely that Jack Eichel will land with the Bruins. To be honest, I don’t necessarily think there is a trade fit for the Bruins. But for the sake of this piece let’s pretend it’s a realistic option.

One thing that is for certain, there has been trade rumors circling around Eichel. The Sabres are a mess of an organization that is on what feels like a continuous rebuild. The Sabres could look to cash in on Eichel and maximize his value to rebuild their roster.

Interview with Sara Underwood

Recently Eichel sat down and interviewed with Boston 25’s Sara Underwood. The North Chelmsford native spoke openly about one day wearing the black and gold.

“Yeah, I think every kid grows up dreaming of playing for their hometown teams,” Eichel said when asked if he’d ever play in Boston. “Whether that happens now or later in my career, whenever – if it ever happens. But it would be pretty cool. Who knows what’s going to happen here in the next little bit.”

There is no trade that is imminent for Eichel. In fact the league has frozen rosters through July 22 until 1 p.m. If Eichel was going to be traded, the only team who could acquire him is the Seattle Kraken. The Kraken will be drafting their roster on July 21.

Jack Eichel to the Bruins is a Possibility Now?

But back to the initial question, is Eichel a good fit for the Bruins?

That answer is a resounding yes. However, to make a trade work, the Bruins will have to grossly over pay for him. I am not interested in trading Charlie McAvoy or David Pastrnak for him. There’s also a report out there that the Sabres want the equivalent of four first-round type players for Eichel.

Don Sweeney will not pay that price.

Eichel made it clear in his interview with Underwood that “now” is a possibility he could play for Boston.

To get Eichel you’ll have to give something up. The Bruins would likely want the Sabres to eat some of the money on Eichel’s contract.

He is due $10 million a season over the next five years. The Bruins would likely be comfortable in Eichel if the Sabres ate at least $2 million per year.

Eichel did miss the Sabres’ final 33 games of the season due to a herniated disk in his neck. He has been at odds with the Sabres on how they handled the injury.


Bruins fans have the visions of Eichel dancing in their heads. However, as much as we all would love him in Boston, right “now” doesn’t feel like a possibility. He is a fit, especially with David Krejci as an impending free agent.

The Sabres want a haul back for Eichel and that makes a ton of sense. The Bruins focus will be to possibly resign Krejci and or Taylor Hall. Boston also needs a new net minder with Tuukka Rask injured and a free agent.

The Bruins need to focus on realistic targets not named Eichel. Sweeney should look to add more depth to his defense that was banged up in the playoffs. He will need to prioritize Hall and the prospects of bringing back Krejci.

I love the idea of Jack Eichel on the Bruins, but there just isn’t a true fit right now.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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