Is It Feasible For The NFL To Move To A Bubble?

With COVID-19 beginning its attack on the NFL, the questions rise of will the league even finish the season or is it feasible for a bubble like situation.  Honesty, the NFL is in a totally different realm compared to the other 3 major American sports.  The NFL unfortunately can’t do a bubble situation.  It’s simple, the NBA, MLB, and NHL don’t have the volume of players/staff that NFL teams do.

I can’t even think of what an ideal bubble situation would look like for the NFL.  What sucks is everyone is going to model how successful the NBA’s bubble was, but the NBA’s bubble was successful because its basketball.  Basketball courts and games can be played literally anywhere there’s a court.  That unfortunately not feasible for football.  Football needs space.  It needs a field that can span the full 120 yard, goal post to goal post not just a court on any street.  So if the NFL would move to a bubble, how would that look.

First and foremost it would have to be geographical.  You would have to demolish conferences and divisions until playoffs.  When it comes to the regular season, you would have to play geographically.  And easy enough you split it up with East, South, Middle, and West America.  Now where you draw the lines would be up to the NFL. But, you pick 3 stadiums and just play games.  Even if you have to play some during the week, if that’s what you have to do, that’s what you have to do.

I think with all these positive tests and the NFL just kind of going with the flow is going to back fire.  Honestly, I don’t think they will make it to week 8.  I think the league needs to take some immediate action and come up with a plan.  These owners have the facilities to host regional teams.  They would have to use high school places to practice but you could have them all play at one or two or three locations regionally for games.  The NFL needs to get this done before it is too late.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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