While soccer fans around the world watch as most leagues get underway, there is still a lot happening around the soccer world.

For starters, we are learning today that Arsenal’s top striker has signed an extension to his contract:

Now, we are learning as well that Tottenham is entering the race for Gareth Bale! So, where could Bale potentially land?

Gareth Bale – Manchester United?

While the Red Devils have been after Jadon Sancho for quite awhile, there is still a bit of hope for someone the likes of Bale to land at Manchester United.

As a United Fan, I would love for Bale to land at Manchester United. However, I am just not sure how he could fit in the team.

Now why do I say that? In my opinion, Solksjaer has a lot of talent to currently get rid of before the cap is reached. So if I was Solksjaer, I wouldn’t mind doing away from someone the likes of Jesse Lingard, maybe even Andreas Perreira as well.

Although, there may just still be enough room for Bale. With Odion Inghalo on loan till January 2021, Manchester United will need another option upfront should someone like Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford or even Anthony Martial get hurt during the season. I am just going to leave this out here for all my Manchester United fans…

I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind him in our lineup!

Gareth Bale- Return to Tottenham?

As previously mentioned, Tottenham has entered the race for the Welch’s talent.

The move by Mourinho to enter the race makes total sense and it is one that could spark a lot fire for Tottenham fans.

While Gareth was at Tottenham, the guy absolutely tore it up and was the main reason why Fiorentino Perez was eager for the Welch to join the Bernabeu. However, fast forward to the past couple of seasons with Zinedine Zidane at the helm and you will quickly realize the fallout.

I can totally understand the fallout between Zidane and Bale. After all, Zidane has made a lot of questionable moves for Madrid that haven’t lead to any major results other than winning the La Liga trophies, which were an obvious go for them this year. Zizu has also been a questionable manager after his return to the Spanish capital, he left James go on a loan to Bayern where the guy shined! Alvaro Morata went onto Atletico where he is sensational, and lets not even go on about Keylor Navas!

Gareth returning to Tottenham would be the most monumental move right now for the club as their start wasn’t all that exciting. Bale would absolutely relieve a lot of the offensive needs from Harry Kane and would provide options for the Spurs at their front line.

A Bale-Kane offensive front would create a lot of defensive problems for weak center-back teams and could bring the Spurs into a potential 4th place contender.

In Conclusion…

My thoughts are that Bale goes back to Tottenham.

While Tottenham will not be competing for Champions League glory this year, Bale may be looking not only to prove himself as a deadly forward but also for a home-sweet-home kind of feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, Bale was very well liked at Real Madrid. However, Bale just makes perfect sense in a Mourinho system needing a strong forward. Someone who will not create chances, bring talent and quickness but also someone hungry, and that hungry-factor is Gareth Bale.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter)

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